who doesn't love a parsons chair?









well now you can have some affordable parsons chairs to call your own...

right now MiNTY has these beauties for just $250 for the pair!

you: shutyourface!!!

me: no really!!


why so low?

well they will need some new upholstery.

but relax...

i got that all picked out for you....


take your pick!

painterly black and white swirls? $18 a yard. 

graphic and worldly pink and orange? $18 a yard.

purple ikat? $18 a yard.



awesome chairs.



or if you don't want to bother yourself with upholstery

there is ONE parsons chair available at MiNTY that honestly needs nothing but a new home..


handsome parsons chair- $350


here's an idea...





sort of obsessed with that paint color.

who's with me?


green parsons chairs.

blue parsons chair.

brass tray table.

moroccan lantern.

pretty framed textile.



thanks donkeys.


at long last..



thanks to susie who worked like a beast to get this online shop up and ready for you to spend all of your hard earned money at.

and there is goodness to be had.

at good prices too.


so for goodness gracious sake!!

GO and




before you hop away to shop..


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now go shop!