you all are a bunch of straight up angels.

my gratitude is beyond words at this point.




the outpouring of support both emotional and financial has been great and i intend to thank each of you personally.

i am making my way down the list of you angels.

please bear with me.

and again, i cannot thank you enough. 

words are not great enough.

thank you for all of the insurance advice as is perhaps the most valuable.








i tried throwing croutons at it..

but my pesky blog problem wouldn't go away.

i even called the squarespace support team and yelled 'GO AWAY!!'

did not work. 


apparently some of you were seeing an "MFAMB DOWN" warning every time you tried to access my blog,

yet some of you had no problems.

turns out i hadn't paid the domain site's annual 20 dollar fee. 

seems their notices were going straight to my spam folder.

so i paid it and then was told it could take 24 hours to fix.

was also told that i should tell all of you to reboot and/or clear your cache.


so i said.."YOU tell them!"

and then i punched everyone in the kidneys.



that's what the problem was.


if you're reading this then all is well.

if not..well...that is sucky for us all.


moving on.

 fiona's 7th birthday is around the corner (dec. 31st to be exact) and i have never had a proper party for her.

this year it is going to be pretty special..

3 of her little girl school pals are coming over for a trip to fernbank museum (super fun with lots of cool activities), then to tacqueria del sol for delicious tacos, then to star provisions for cupcakes (the best cupcakes i've ever tasted).

then it's home for a slumber party.

but not just any slumber party....


mike and i (mike only) will be constructing an indoor tent of bohemian spectacularness.

the idea came from the movie The Holiday..

you remember..

the little girls' super special tent in their room with the christmas lights and cut-out stars?


this one..


they will sleep in it!


i have gathered a few tent-y images over the past few weeks for inspiration..


( attention to all of these scenarios..

and when you go to construct it, make that shit wide enough for sleeping and activities.

the blog world is watching and waiting.

so it better be fucking magical!)





yes. there needs to be a tv and cats. 


and pom pom fringe and ikat.




make one of these for me please.


that is major.


homeless chic.



 bed tents are fun too.











simple yet effective.




this is pretty great.


crazy awesome.



ok then.


reach for the stars!!



me over hurr and over tharr


today i am over at pregnant chassity blog where i fashioned a moodboard out of sticks and glue and meat scraps.

just kidding...

it's a cute nursery that you should see.

so go



and then if that weren't awesome enough..

i was featured as one of the 5 interior design blogs that the folks at williams sonoma can't live without.


for real.

go read it and see who the others are...



ok then. happy monday.