monday updates and inspiration


 if you follow me on twitter or instagram or facebook you have already seen this picture..

but it's so terriblawesome it bears repeating..



it's the 7th circle of hell here in atlanta reaching a record high

of 107 degrees over the weekend.

i walked outside and grilled wings with my bare hands and simultaneously melted my face off on saturday.

and yesterday i sliced my footskin off on the (literal) blades of grass that is my lawn.

summer has never been more awesome!


there is good news though...

my toe is much better.

distilled vinegar soaked cotton balls and gauze proved to work miracles.

so it's healing which means itching.

oh the itching.

thank you internet friends.



ok now back to house stuff..


we are meeting this week with the people one meets with when buying a house.


and all i can think about is white rooms vs dark rooms.

you know...the important stuff.


here are more images to confuse us all...


who cares what color your walls are when you have a pink beni..

























i need decidement.


i give you full permission to incorporate that into your vocabulary.





put a ourain on it!


it's fast becoming the imperial trellis of the rug world and i don't give a shit.

i'd have sex with a goat if it meant i could have one or seven.









little bit of peachy pink?

don't mind if i do.


















it just might be the most versatile rug out there.



who has a goat? 






tuesday is for talking about rugs.



goat farts,






paint beginnings.





roasted baby leeks (so good).

2 hard boiled eggs from neighbor's chickens.

thinly sliced cucumber.

the best homemade buttermilk dressing.



neon pink tape for shipping.



i had very emotional dreams last night involving cats.

every cat.