things that need to quit it...


those windows, wall color, color palette, furnitu




same room.

not in love with the coffee tables but they work in the space.

i am in love with the purple painted bookcases.




that tile needs to quit it.



that rug needs to quit it.



those walls need to quit it.



diane kruger's hair needs to quit it.


no words.




hello kitty ancestral portraits?

yes. quit.



chair sex.


also stop too.



cease and desist, arch.


those are orders.


getting hair cut today.

probably like diane kruger's.




put a ourain on it!


it's fast becoming the imperial trellis of the rug world and i don't give a shit.

i'd have sex with a goat if it meant i could have one or seven.









little bit of peachy pink?

don't mind if i do.


















it just might be the most versatile rug out there.



who has a goat? 






tuesday is for talking about rugs.



goat farts,