dear blogfest 2011

it is 4:39- oops make that 4:40 PM on a wednesday and i am on my second glass of shiraz.

what's that mean?

it means i'm awesome.


what's my point?

let me break it down...

blogfest 2011 is approaching and i keep getting tweets telling me there are only, like, 5 spaces left.

five spaces left?!?!?!

what the FFFF, is justin beaver going to be there?!?!!!!


well blogfest people, i totally want to go!!


 a.) my new BF newell turner will be there (way better than beaver)

b.) this shit is happening: and i really wanna hear this.



c. a lot of really really cool people that i totes wanna hump respect will be there...


but once again i am light in the wallet.


it's only 100 dollars and that's not a lot of money to some people and i could probably swing it in a week or so,

but right now that may as well be 1 million dollars.

but if you could "reserve" a space for me that would be awesome.


need proof that i am worth a free reservation?

exhibit a:

i have a crown.

that = importance.


exhibit b:

i have cool "friends".


exhibit c:

i grew that. 


exhibit d (for drunk):

no explanation necessary i feel.


ok then.

lemme know.


charity farts,

***my friend susie just informed me that registration is full.  all we can do is be put on a waiting list.



not ok plus dancing.

sorry for the lack of post today.

i have been addressing emails and work related things mostly.

but really i have been twittering, doing yoga and eating ham.

no...there was work too.  really.


but mostly i have been avoiding life bc of this:

this is not ok.

not for georgia.

not ever.


but i promised a recap of the rue party.

i did NOT go to LAVISH.




so i went.

bc i am whore for cake and vodka.

it was decorated inside the party:

the picture doesn't do it justice.

the picture that i stole from this blogger:

5th joy.

it was really pretty.

the night started off innocently enough.

dinner at the W with erica of design blahg, nicole of sketch 42, brian patrick flynn of decor demon, his man meat hollis, niki papadopoulous of yummy scrumptious and my best gal molly (aka mollsballs).

we ate mediocre food and talked about everything from rue magazine to botox to christmas trees.


after dinner we hightailed it to the rue party where i proceeded to pound vodka and cake on a stick.

i spoke with shameeka and we are lovers again.

i met anne sage, and all the rue ladies..ok...some of the rue ladies. 

i am pretty sure a few of them thought i was straight up on crack.

and/or weird times 4 billion.


the proof is in the delicious pudding: 

 notice how i had to rest on the wall.

this was due to the ridiculously awesome songs the dj was smearing in my face.

i needed a minute.

if you are getting married spend every last dime on these guys.

and then invite me to your wedding so i can make love to the dance floor.


video footage courtesy of the fabulous and gorgeous nicole.