we wish you a merry christmas!!


merry christmas and happy hanukkah to all of MFAMB's devoted readers.

thank you for making me a part of your day.



**beauty note (and i use that word verrry loosely)..absolutely zero effort was made on my part to look in any way cute or clean for that matter...and at my age, effort is what keeps you from looking like kim richards' toilet baby.


see u on the flippity flip.



december is so glittery

lots of things go down in december..


my birthday for one.

and also fiona's birthday..

and jesus's too.


a triumvirate of awesome if ever there was.


before you get your AHS recap (and it will be a doozy)

you need to chomp on this bit of glittery december goodness..




and for more moodboard magic visit tobe at because it's awesome so that you can see the living room i designed for her.  she bought a painting from me that i used as inspiration.




on the swishing front..

i am on day 4.

i have read that it's better to actually do it every day than to skip a day.

so..i changed my plan.

i woke up today with a headache and my eyes feel like suitcases.

how are you guys doing?


stay tuned for your recap..

and many thanks for the outpouring of awesome comments yesterday.

it was the lift i needed to bring you the dumbest recap possible.

i might even draw something.


glittery oil farts,

top image via atlanta homes mag