in general i am terrible at keeping secrets


this is mine.

michelle armas super painter painted this just for me.


i was going to wait until next week

when she delivers it to show it to you.

but i can't.

it's too awesome and it holds powers greater than my brain capacity for keeping secrets.

she asked me for inspiration and in short i said "lavender and yellow".

i got so much more than that.

she really is a genius at capturing YOU in her work.


i can't wait to hang it above my fireplace.  

pictures of that next week.



 does anyone know anything about this room?

is it a hotel?

i adore it.

the inlaid tables, the graphic fabric on the chairs,

and ESPECIALLY those all black chairs!

they totally keep this room from being too sickly sweet..

that and the quirky photography.

it's very romantic and over the top. 

not at ALL what i would normally love.

i think you could translate this room into a more realistic version for your own home beautifully..

or i could.


*****UPDATES!  this room belongs to alexis and trevor traina.  they live in san fransisco and they are stupid rich.

this photo is from a vogue magazine shoot.

thank you valerie!

the evolution of "f'art" or...fake-art. (really it would be "c'art" or...copied art but any chance i can used the word fart...i take.)

ever on the search for cheap original art that doesn't make my butt bleed, i stumbled across these drawings on anthropologie a few days ago...

they are copied from a 19th century sketchbook and

they remind me of my favorite hugo guinness art:

 except i like the flowers  better.

but sadly those fuckers cost 498.00 EACH!!


so i went to sam flax

got some ivory paper and a caligraphy pen.

then i went home and drew that shit on some scrap paper.

just to see if i could:

i could.

violas close up:

tulips close up:

so i nervously penciled out the scale on the good paper..

then free handed it with my caligraphy pen ($2.49) and BAM!



accurate smudging:

and frames:




now to hang or to prop?