denver craigslist....pretty awesome.


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which feels good.

like a glass of wine and a muscle relaxer.

not that i know what that feels like.

but i imagine it feels like winning.


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we are at colorado in the 'craigslist alphabetically' series..

i chose denver bc it's the capital.

and i chose wisely..



 vintage sofa- $200.

great shape and bones.



vintage refrigerator- $750

mint condition.

how cute is this??!



driftwood stump- $50


perfect as is or you could get some glass cut for it to make it bigger.

but i like it just the way it is.

it is smart. it is kind. it is important.



staffordshire dogs- make an offer



 chinese console- $167

great price.

new versions of this cost thousands.



brass and glass cart- $100




dinette set- $185

the more i look at this the more i love it.

there is something about it that says, hey.. fancy me up with mexican serape blanket cushions and a custom table cloth and throw us in your beach house or lake house or pool house.  



 brass and walnut floor lamp- $65

quirky and shiny.



antique table- $35

so cute. 

so many possiblities.

a makeshift bar.

an entry console.

a place to lay your wizard hat after a hard days work at hogwarts. 



dog bed- $90

or a cat bed i guess.



 red velvet sofa- $50

needs work but the bones are great.

50 bucks is a steal.



 brass and glass sofa table- $50

i want to murder this small picture.

the shape is fantastic and it's brass!



vintage desk lamp- $35.

brass and mint green, yes.



leather lounge + ottoman- $2500


it's expensive but it is BEEEAUTIFUL.



brass and glass etagere- $50

a steal.



4 vintage dining chairs- $95 each

i would so do some hot pink faux ostrich on these.

i am all about my next dining chairs being wipeable.



vintage rattan swivel rocker- $60 

super cute.



 brass and glass coffee table- $50

i think this is the cutest ever.

i love all the rounded corners.



 large indian rug/blanket- $30

amazing price.

awesome rug/blanket.



 wicker and glass coffee table- $25

this would be great on a porch.



4 milo baughman chairs- $100 each

i'm not sure if this is real or a dream.

but i would definitely call.



turkish tray table- $125


and BIG!

stupid good price too.



 supercute tub chairs- $65

many possibilities.

like a metallic linen..

or hot pink velvet.



wicker child's chair- $10


so you can do this... 


or this....



large vintage lucite lamp- $45

run you dummies.



 antique bamboo cabinet- $85

i would use this as a bar set up on my porch for parties (that i never have)

and to store gardening stuff the rest of the time (all the time).

but if you are a regular party thrower this would be great to store all of your outdoor party supplies..

plates, glasses, platters, bongs...



antique lantern- $100 

turn your head to the side.

it's cute.



 vintage moroccan rug- $200

it's huge! 14 x 14.

great color, nice fading.

i would DEFINITELY check this out in person.



 cute armchairs- $60

a weekend project.

depending on the wood in person..

if it's too orange and shiny i would just paint them,

probably black.

but if the wood is good i'd leave them alone.

and for fabric i would do this:

designers guild 'magnolia tree' in peony.



mid century bench- $145


i would do what that diy enigma morgan did..  



 glass and chrome coffee table- $250

great shape.

those good rounded corners again.



vintage brass hanging lamp- $125




 patio furniture- $500

if you have a pool and no place to sit i highly recommend this set.



spun fiberglass patio set- $150

good stuff.

 great price.



vintage table- $75

it's actually metal.

cool spidery legs.



wicker coffee table- $30

what if you painted it neon yellow or neon pink?

you would be awesome that's what.



solid brass and glass coffee table and 2 end tables- $400

no pic of the coffee table but i'd def. inquire.

perhaps you can break up the set.

it is major. 


black rattan table- $25

cute in a small entry. 



mid century footstool- $125

look at me i'm perfect! 



coggin thayer burl and chrome coffee table- $375


this is a steal people.

you would be sitting on a small fortune.



 chrome dining table- $100

would be an awesome desk too.



there you have it.

people in denver are lucky.






craigslist alphabetically: alaska


yes. hell yes!!


no. i'm kidding.

that thing is fucking dreadful.


hoof ashtray- $30


(if anything the post is pretty funny)




alaska wasn't the most awesome craigslist i've ever searched but there were a few not so terrible things.

mostly they require imagination and primarily they are things you might not know you need.

but if you knew what i was up against you would lift me onto your shoulders and carry me around the room.



good looking sofa- $200

was prof. cleaned this month.




brand new west elm chevron rug- $275




hand carved plant stands- $150.

pretty.  for layering.  paint them glossy black or pink and pretend your ruthie sommers.




cool mirrors- $65 for pair




moroccan camel saddle- $100




this table is so unique. 8 legs! 

it's HUGE and it's lacquered.

minor repair, but worth it.






great color. there are 4 but will sell a pair.

99$ per pair or $199 for all 4.




brass bed- $200




birch burl side table- $120

paint it all white.




2 carved cane chairs- $200

stately. love them.




lovely vintage oil paining, signed.





4 thonet chairs- $100





marble top table with 6 leather and brass chairs.






vintage bamboo trays.

i actually have a few of these and they are super cute.

$3 each.




oak secretary.

great lines.




not too bad, right?



next week's CL is arizona.


which is sort of where i wish i was right now..bc of this:


(i don't care if it's colder where you are, i live in the sort of tropics and this is uncalled for)






craigslist alphabetically: alabama: birmingham

craigslist continues to hold the key to finding and adding interesting pieces to your decor without spending a lot of money.



the answer to your prayers, budget minded birmingham people..


that animal pattern is nonsense.

but the desk is fantastic.

paint it. 

$300 HERE.




paint this asian-y chair black or persimmon.

$40 HERE. 




vintage brass lamp with obvious possibility.

$20 HERE.




$50 (there are 2) HERE




double duh. look at that top!

$500 dining table (offer half) HERE.



deal of the day.

comes with dining table, 4 chairs + 2 swivel chairs and a side table as well as the seat cushions!

$350 HERE.

(spring is coming soon!! don't delay!)


your new desk chair.

$65 HERE.



very cool vintage 70's chrome coffee table.

$95 HERE.



awesome bench for the foot of your bed.

$40 HERE.



this could be so good in the right dining situation.

easy does it if you think you can stick this in just any dining room with any decor.

if a unicorn was a table and chairs this might be it.

$325 HERE



burl top parsons table. yes.

would make a great desk too.

$300 HERE.



oh my goodness i want someone to buy this and cover it entirely in this:

or this:

tufted sofa

$165 HERE. 



 dresser and mirror and nightstands all for $150.

i am really only interested in the nightstands. paint them white and add some shiny hardware.

 but the mirror would be awesome painted and in a powder room.

$150 HERE.



next up alaska.


happy friday fartknockers.