let's all wear the same t shirt! ***updates


while it might be the worst name for a private online shopping destination..

i would have called it 


they are offering a 50 dollar t-shirt for 15 dollars.



i am always looking for a good t shirt, let alone "the perfect tee".


j crew can suck my nuts.

every t shirt i have ever bought shreds within 4 washings.


to me a t shirt needs to be thick and thin at the same time.

i can't be super stretchy but it has to have a little bit of stretch-ability so i can loosen the arm holes around my sausages.

and it has to cradle my melons with minimization.


so i ordered 2 t shirts for $15 ea.

this one:


and this one:


them's target prices people!

without the nasty target colorways and horrible fit.


here's their deal:



you all need to join so you too can get perfect tees.

there are more styles..v neck, long sleeve..

more colors etc...

 and the more people that join by following my link the more rewards i will receive.

like free shipping for life.


the one caveat i see is that there aren't a lot of offerings.

like there's just t shirts (men's too!), totes (they are cute though), bow ties (random) and some french terry sweatshirts (men and women).

but i think this could be a good thing.

easier to just add to cart and checkout.

nothing else to look at.

less likely for you to walk away.


so anyway..

no, i was not asked to blog about this.

i am merely sharing so you too can have expensive basics at poor people prices.

and so i can get free shipping for life.



p.s. it will tell you that you are on a wait list, it did me too, but then this morning everlane cool street sent me an email telling me i was 'chosen'.


 ***ok party people..

you did it!!

you got me free shipping for life PLUS a free t shirt that i will give away to one of you lucky bitches sized medium.

then you can judge for yourself if it's "the perfect tee".


so leave a comment and i will pick a winner today at 10 pm est.

(west coast you better get on east coast time today)

 you'll know before tomorrow if you are the winner of a t shirt!! 


friday is so on!






 can you guess what i scored on craigslist?


















3 pretend panton chairs for..


$5.00 each.


no really...

five dollars each.

bad news is there's only 3.

there needs to be 4.

good news is they were five dollars each.


fair to point out that my friend susie of eye spy found them for me.

i did not super sleuth these.


 they were found under "black chair".


i declare!!!!



2 deals for you

lowe's has a buttload of hanging boston ferns in right now and i got 2 for 10 bucks!! whole food's had the same boston ferns for 15 bucks each. i am going to get 2 more for my porch tomorrow!

also someone on atlanta's craigslist is selling this mitchell gold and bob williams sofa for 300 bucks. it has a little cat claw damage on the arms and a stain on the seat. but other than that it looks to be in great shape. any takers? here.

**UPDATE- the new blog is coming along. my dear darling susie is working her tail off on it trying to move the existing blog over and it really is beyond my realm of comprehension. so i am in awe and forever grateful. soon lovers, soon.

hot, smelly farts,