new paintings...


 "preservation" 18 x 18 SOLD

acrylic, oil stick and gouache



close up of "preservation".


close up of "preservation".



"by train" 12 x 16 SOLD

acrylic, oil stick and gouache



close up of "by train".  SOLD



"the monsters" 12 x 16  SOLD

acrylic, oil stick and gold leaf





"cool pops" 30 x 40 


acrylic, oil stick and gouache



close up of "cool pops"


close up of "cool pops".



it is first come first serve.

so, email me if you're interested in any of these delicious paintings.

once they are sold i will come back here and mark them as such.


thanks hookers!




friday is today again.


those walls those walls.



what a cozy, homey spot.  but not short on style at all.



ok f'art heads..

i am working on an etsy shop to start selling paintings.

lemme ask you..

if you want to buy them i want to know what sizes you are into.

my favorite size to do is 30 x 30.

i LOVE the shape, it's a total square.

but i'll do any size (whore).

and i will obv. do commissions.

if you have a spot in your house that needs something pretty let me know..

we can customize the colors and everything!!


i love you all for your support.



also i got this this morning, for fiona's room ($45):

progress people!





have a safe and magical weekend.






i am pleased (beyond really) that she got bought up.

and in fact the ladypants who bought her sent pics and i photoshopped it into her house and it looks fantastic in there.

she probably wouldn't be cool with me showing her living quarters to everybody so you'll just have to trust me.

and...i know...

as asshole-y as it is to just start painting one day and be all pleased with yo'self- i am still pleased with myself.

and am a TOTAL asshole.


sadly i will not be doing a turds recap this week.

i am leaving for the beach on thursday morning and i simply do not have the time to do it.

i didn't even watch it.

but i do know that berkus was the guest judge and i am working on his CeLeBriTy FRRAgRance.

so far the scent is a healthy dose of leather and a hint of MFAMB secretions from my own private distillery.


i promise a recap next week.


sorry for the late post.

i am busy packing and being arty and more famous.