i am so leaving today...


beach trip get fat no tan is officially over.

i discovered liquid crack.

ate my weight in fudge.

and saw a dolphin. (although i am still convinced it was a shark)

i wish i were coming home to this kitchen:

for 2 reasons...

1. it rocks HARD

and 2. it features my liquid crack aka cafe bustelo.

see you back at MFAMB estate.

hotter than your grandad's nutsack while storming the beaches of normandy...

 trust me when i say that i would be posting way more but the connection here is slower than kelly bensimon helping her kids do their homework...

anyway..behold superfamily at their awesome best..


fiona beach cuteness.


nana and fiona- spf:adorable



you: shitty shit those things are huge.

me: duh!


sleepin' and creepin'.




one of MFAMB's readers, katharine of southern bourbon mountains is like the official pawleys island superstar and told me i had to go get tiger butter fudge from the general store.

i did.


half of it was gone before we got it home.

chocolate peanut something on top, to the right of it is delicious tiger butter fat maker, then cookies and cream butt expander.

fuch you katharine fuchs

i have eaten my weight in tiger butter fudge.