fresh air

yesterday i took a long walk through one of my favorite neighborhoods and this is what i saw:

a japanese magnolia tree.


some pink trees.

what are they? not dogwood. not cherry blossom.

what then?

(**redbud yes...thank you rachel)


some hellebores.



a fiona.


has spring come to you yet?


we are lucky in georgia that way.

you should send me some pics of spring in your area.

i'll post the shit out of it.


images brought to you by my new iphone


i slept with cat diarrhea so let's talk about spriiiing!!!!! (and diarrhea)

yeah it's true.  right by my face.

but thankfully due to the fact that i can't breathe, i was unaware.


every cloud does have a silver lining!!

even a flu cloud has double rainbow potential.

and bc i hate to have you all wondering all day why there was cat diarrhea in the first place,

i will gift you with the details..


nicolas, my older cat

(who's forces aren't so strong today unless you mean from the butt strong in which case they have crime fighting potential)

was constipated.

big time.

took him to the vet this morning to have everything checked out.

we were concerned about kidney failure.

thankfully his kidney's are fine.

just constipated.

he has some protein issues but all of this is treatable.


i won't lose another cat anytime soon!!!!

so he had not one enema..but TWO enemas!!

i wasn't there bc i am still sick, so mike had to endure month old poop smell. 

we are all breathing a (stinky) sigh of relief..

well, not me...i can't smell anything..

which will come in handy when i am cleaning up mineral oil and poop water all over the house today.


so i figure with all this good news it seems only fitting to tie it into spring.

the one thing i think the entire country is in agreement on..


so wrap your mind around the fact that spring is only 39 days away..







images via house and garden and house beautiful