magical moodboardz


 doin a little work palm springs style.


here's an idea...

a magazine (heads up newell) needs to hire me to do a column where i fashion one moodboard in big money and then replicate it in real money.

and they pay me with money.

and then i spend that money on real cute lamps and shit.

and then a lion comes out and sings 'the circle of life'. 


you would be way into that column wouldn't you?





nicole over at sketch 42 posted some awesome images and it reminded me of how much i want a  fur throw...





and we all know how expensive these things can be..


or cheap looking..



so i thought what if i went and got a bunch of vintage fur coats and had them sewn together?

i am sure depending on where you go you can find great deals on these things.

i figure about 10 coats.


am i crazy?

or am i awesomely smart?