saturday was all about the food

my back felt better. 

so i cooked.

such a rookie move.



in season, fresh dover sole..

flour, salt, pepper.


brown butter..


 sauteed then finished with lemon zest and juice.







grilled cabbage and yellow squash with a spicy thai vinaigrette.

so flavorful.

it was honestly the best part and i could have eaten just it.





wild blackberries growing on the side of my house.


tossed in some sugar, flour and vanilla.



butter crumbles.

 flour, sugar, cinnamon, salt and one stick of butter.


nestled on top of the berries, ready for cooking.


375 for 45 minutes.

last 5 minutes brolied for crispness...


caramelized goodness.

it was like one of those crisp, lacey cookies on top with a buttery, gooey vanilla ooze underneath.

and the tang of the tart berry mixed in made it so perfectly balanced.



just add vanilla ice cream.


i want to float down a river of ice cream.


me and my diarrhea dairy tendencies meant only one spoonful of the stuff.

but it was just enough to creamify everything in my mouth.


it was heaven.



and we watched the 1st and 2nd episodes of game of thrones!

or as i like to call it

game of incest and butt sex.


do you watch?


there are a lot of boobs.


 clearly we haven't gotten past the 13yo boy phase of this show.


every scene mike and i are just about to touch our privates...


but then someone gets their head cut off and their intestines gutted.


it's awesome.



 (i made up the crisp recipe so if you want specifics just holla in the comments section- it's gluten free but you would just swap out GF for AP if you wanted it the regular way)








i don't fuck around.



a powerful green is in play for fiona's room.

i feel like it's shouting at me.






i wonder if i shouldn't go more in this direction:

just a whisper...



a pair of lamps got gotten.


the little pagoda style nightstands did not get gotten.

instead someone else got them. 



a pair of pillows got sewed up by my super sewing mother in law.

rust velvet.

lavender piping.

greek key trim (thank you nicole).



still deciding on the chair fabric and finish.





talk it out.