hey everyone!!!! it's mondaaay!!! and you know what that means!!!!

..fucking nothing it's summer.


but here's what we DO know...


it's hot..


do you know what 77 degrees at night feels like?

the fucking jungle.

(and no, i don't care if it's hotter where you live. this isn't a pissing contest)



 leon's (me. i'm leon) getting laaarger....


hahahaha no that is not a baby in there.

that is wine and potato chip bloat.

(365 brand sour cream and onion. so good.)




fiona got a haircut...

it is so cute i squeezed her face off!!!



and finally...



 i got a few new monsters for sale..


don't mess with the gypsies SOLD

18 x 24 acrylic, oil and gouache on heavy linen paper.




bird watcher SOLD

18 x 24 acrylic, oil and gouache on heavy linen paper.




the match SOLD

18 x 24 acrylic, oil and gouache on heavy linen paper.




the guardian SOLD

18 x 24 acrylic, oil and gouache on heavy linen paper.




sea witch's wedding SOLD

18 x 24 acrylic, oil and gouache on heavy linen paper.




the oldest one SOLD

12 x 12 acrylic, oil and gouache on heavy linen paper.




alright then.

snatch 'em up.


i'm out of potato chips.





this post brought to you by cat vomit and the color green

so green could mean many beautiful things and in this case it partly does..

but if you live in the southeast it more than likely, for you, means the color of your boogers.

but maybe more like yellow with a tinge of green.

too much?


it's monday and i woke up to a huge pile of cat vomit on my suzani upholstered chairs...

which means you have to undure it to some degree too.


good news though,

fiona's room is so so close to completion and it's gonna be good.

the desk is here and it looks like it was born to be in the room.

but it needs to be painted.

the color is a little different than most people would choose for a little girl's desk or any desk for that matter.

but my thinking is the room is so girly already with the purple walls and the designers guild orangerie floral explosion headboard that it needs a little muted moodiness. 

here's the idea:

that's the desk that the paint cards are sitting on and that's the hardware that is already on the desk.

there is a little bench that is going to be upholstered in this:

faux ostrich vinyl.

in hot pink.


i'm dying over it.


here is a close up of the upholstery fabric:


lot's of that olive green roaming around.


i am going to pick up a sample of the green today.


then all i need is the bedskirt (which should be here this week)


then i need to take pictures.

(jesus take the wheel)



nature's miracle is the best for cleaning cat vomit.

and the neti pot is the best for cleaning pollen vomit. 





it's like the glow from the teletubby baby sun..

 i am talking about farrow and ball's pink ground...



the sample pot arrived in the mail yesterday and it is everything i hoped it would be..

pink but not too pink, warm and soft..

at night it is barely even visible.

but in the day it is so lovely.

and it really does glow.



i had a sample of fowler pink that i thought i would try just to see...


not so much.


when mike saw it he punched his own throat.

i assured him i was just havin' a laugh.





also, have i showed ya these?

so pretty.


very excited about painting this room.

not excited about telling mike he has to take the flat screen off the wall for a minute.