the home stretch

it's almost there...really and truly. 


fiona's room..

still waiting on the dadblern bedskirt.

and curtains.

and painting the desk.

i have the paint, just not the time.


here's a refresher..

art has been an issue.

i decided on this poster bc i LOVE it and fiona is obsessed with cats..

so that's a win in my book...

the dark blue against the lavender walls is what sealed the deal for me.

as of now she has one of my BIG pieces of art in there, which i like fine but it's not ideal..

this poster will not replace the art..

but rather go on the other side of the window from it.

i need more.


the issue i am having is on her bed wall..

what to do?


i like the symmetry of the art in this room.


fact: i need to break up the expanse of purple on the wall.


i love the tying in of flowers with the lamps and art.

i had thought to do similarly with a flowery theme to tie in the flower explosion that is the headboard.



i love naomi's simple, modern marilyn photo.


this too.

love all that ornate tradition with the modern lamp and art and the modern take on the toile.

this is the direction i am leaning toward most.




this's all good.

except for that pendant shade.

barf my face off.

and the lamps don't work for me either.

but the simple, personal art is nice.


what. to. do?


fact 2: we have really high ceilings so that has to be considered. 


and a final word on posters..

i love them.

they are cheap and colorful and graphic and awesome for a kids space.


here are some that i love that you can love now too..
























there are thousands more.

check out the vintage section here.



thanks for being my friends.




this post brought to you by cat vomit and the color green

so green could mean many beautiful things and in this case it partly does..

but if you live in the southeast it more than likely, for you, means the color of your boogers.

but maybe more like yellow with a tinge of green.

too much?


it's monday and i woke up to a huge pile of cat vomit on my suzani upholstered chairs...

which means you have to undure it to some degree too.


good news though,

fiona's room is so so close to completion and it's gonna be good.

the desk is here and it looks like it was born to be in the room.

but it needs to be painted.

the color is a little different than most people would choose for a little girl's desk or any desk for that matter.

but my thinking is the room is so girly already with the purple walls and the designers guild orangerie floral explosion headboard that it needs a little muted moodiness. 

here's the idea:

that's the desk that the paint cards are sitting on and that's the hardware that is already on the desk.

there is a little bench that is going to be upholstered in this:

faux ostrich vinyl.

in hot pink.


i'm dying over it.


here is a close up of the upholstery fabric:


lot's of that olive green roaming around.


i am going to pick up a sample of the green today.


then all i need is the bedskirt (which should be here this week)


then i need to take pictures.

(jesus take the wheel)



nature's miracle is the best for cleaning cat vomit.

and the neti pot is the best for cleaning pollen vomit. 





some things to think about..

working on a slight zshushing of the bedroom..



this of course stemmed from the fact that i desperately need new sheets.

i already have a great big coral puffy quilt and i love lavender with BAM!

lavender sheets.

already have the lamps, just need new shades.

window shades are being made as we speak.

just need a brass headboard and a 5,000 dollar rug

and i'm all set.


i would NEVER buy a 5000 dollar rug bc i have 4 cats and they will pee all over it 1000 times.

anyone know of a rug that is exactly like this but pee resistant?




this show melts my face off...

so fucking INSPIRED!!!


it was nice to finally hear the "cocktail" of pills kim has been taking.

i love it when people who use drugs that are prescribed by doctors seem to think they are not using drugs somehow and that it's ok.

we aren't talking 1 antidepressant here folks.  

so don't get your panties all ruffled.

this bitch is toxic.


 basically she is a legal junkie.


new light was shed on paul for me this week.

how he puts up with that passive aggressive bitch adrienne is beyond me.

i hope he has a side piece.



slowly but surely.



if you haven't read it already,

please read this..

because it's awesome. 



seances are the new BBQ's.