piss poor

sorry guys.  this post is going to disappoint (what else is new?)...



i am for real laid up like a donkey who got kicked by a donkey.

i have been having some back issues (upper middle if you're wonderin) since about december.

they come and go.

worse after a work out..


i have been living with it just fine (i mean it sucks but it's been manageable)

until today.


i woke up and thought..this is it.

i am going to die today.

i drove myself to the end of the street to a chiropractor.

seriously he is right at the end of my street.


after some poking and prodding..

he tells me i have subluxation or some such thing.

and cervical misalignment.

go figure.

that's what pushing out a 9 pounder shoulders first will do to you.

i got to go for a ride on a table that moved me back and forth over a massager which was awesome.

if i had turned over it would have been REALLY awesome.

and i got cracked and popped and stretched (a little less awesome).

i was better for about 10 minutes.

now it just feels the same if not worse.


i have to go back for an x ray on monday and am supposed to take it easy all weekend.



so all this to tell you that i have nothing to post.


except go make these shorts:

bc they are just too cute not to.





anyone else have back issues that they care to share?

any tricks i need to know about?

and remedies that work for you?

and did the chiropractor do his thing?  i mean is it supposed to get worse before it gets better?


appreciate ya.


have a great weekend.





basically this is just a post about pictures i took with my i phone..

lucky you.



(my name is nicolas i am soft and nice and i smell good)


hiding from bandits.




the color in person had a lot of orange in it and i liked it a lot.

but it was trump (expensive). 


hardware up close:

searching craigslist for something i can paint this color. 

and then sell to you.



i live right by the airport.




this post is bullshit

i would say the biggest down side of having a child is that they bring home a LOT of germs.

germs that you can't escape.

even if all you eat is organic shit and steer clear of sugar and other immunosuppressant foods.


because of this i have my 2nd cold in 2 months.

it's not the worst cold..

but it has stopped me from doing my tracy anderson workouts.

i hate stopping my workouts!!

when i am on a roll and focused NOTHING can stop me.

i'm like a fucking bullet train.


part of me says F this and wants to power thru this sore throat and runny nose.

but this isn't yoga so..

when i say power thru i mean sweat pouring non stop jumping for 30 minutes straight barely able to breathe vomit face power.


i ask you all...do you power thru a cold and workout as if to say FUCK YOU COLD... WINNING!!!

or do you get in bed and drink tea and sleep and cry til it goes away?

 i don't have the flu or anything so it's not like dying.

but i feel pretty shitty.


see? see how weak and pathetic i am?



also look how cool this house is:

those are glittery black mosaic tiles.