this house





if you have the latest issue of house beautiful and you haven't read this article..


you should.




she (podge bune) made the fireplace herself.

and repurposed a lot of shit in here.

for instance curtains to upholstery fabric...



and DIY chairs.



also white floors.


forever yes.




monday licks,








and this...


and this...



but mostly this..



images via house beautiful, nuevo estilo + pinterest



monday is simply for looking at things that are pretty..

while i am always tempted to talk about my butt and gut..

i think monday is a day designed for ultimate fuckery,

so i won't make your monday worse with tales of intense gut pain...

or can you OD on probiotics?


and if you watched downton last night you are probably still crying from all the dying.

you all owe me several gluten free pies for having to relive this episode for you in a recap.



so today i will just gift you with a generous supply of inspiration.

you're welcome.








































it's a lot to take in.


see you soon for a recap.