i am confident that this could make you cooler

 i know many of you prefer zebra over leopard and his cousin, cheetah..

that doesn't make you less cool.

but if you just don't like leopard well then i think you need to ask yourself...

why am i such a douche?

i think if you put a little leopard in your house you would see how right i am.

i mean, even a little pillow somewhere would make that room (and you) more awesome.


these chairs are pure joy..

not necessarily in the room they are in now but in a room like this:


katie armour (the neo traditionalist) became cooler once she had a simple chair covered in it:



this little bench takes this room from awesome to awesomer:


aerin lauder did her whole fucking couch in it...

her smile says it all.."look how awesome and cool i am sitting on my leopard couch"


maybe you aren't convinced that leopard can be modern..

yes it can..


it can even be mid-century modern..


miles loves it...

he loves it best mixed with patterns..


and he is mayor of awesome city.

he even puts it on the floor sometimes..

only the mayor would do that...


the mayor probably would not put it on the floor AND the chairs...

that's just offensive.


i think you should get some leopard in your house as soon as possible.

you can start with some pillows...


or you could be bravesies and do this:

that is just badass.



and while we're on the subject- christmas is right around the corner and so is me'birthday..

"yes please":


and "ohhh you shouldn't have!!" (yes you should):


"wait MFAMB!!!! not so fast!!

where the fuck is your house leopard??!!"

says all of you.



i do not have any.

but wanting some puts me on the cool train to cool town.

and as soon as i find some rich, velvety leopard i will use that shit post haste.



images via elle decor, the cherry blossom girl, atlanta homes and lifestyles and your mom

check it...

leah an MFAMB reader left me a comment yesterday telling me to check out bryn alexandra's blog cuz she posted a fabric similar to my all time fave lee jofa confetti fabric..(how awesome is she for a. remembering and b. telling me?)

so let's look and see...

here is my all time fave:

lee jofa kwid confetti:

yes, it is gorgeous and at 82 dollars a yard too expensive for me.

even at designer trade prices it's too expensive for me.


let's look at the imposter:

sunshine and shadows:

not exact...seems white instead of cream. also the material probably won't be as luxurious or soft..BUT..

this shit is $8.95 a yard!!

totes worth a sample order don't you think??

available at quilthome.

thank you leah. thank you bryn.