a house will speak to you if you listen..


and sometimes it will whisper.

help me...


the house yesterday didn't blow me away...because, well....it's not that great.

let me rephrase that..it's a great house it's just not amaaaaazing.


but with our budget and my tastes i suspect this is as good as it will get.

the house is cute. 

small and cute and the best part about it is the yard is nice.

we are not good yard keepers.

so a place for fiona to run around without stepping on a fire ant nest or uneven ground makes me happy.

there are other pluses...3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a place for me to paint, an office in the basement for mike...etc..


the interior is a little strange.

built probably in the 40's it's got a lot of interior walls with "windows" to other rooms in them.

plus it has rooms added on (a family room and the master)..

which means buttass carpet in those rooms.

ideally i would knock down the wall between the kitchen and family room and have it more open.

oh..and yes..this one we would buy, not rent.



i am getting ahead of myself here but this is the direction i see this house going in..

because let's face it..

a house DOES dictate it's decor.

at least to some degree.

or at least to me.


















i know.

so boring.

but it goes beyond that.

i want clean lines, modern, but relaxed and cozy.

not a lot of shit.

just books and cool lamps.


that's what the house told me to do.


in other rooms...






it should be noted that i HATE those bird curtains and blinds. and i would remove the sunburst. but the rest is just the thing.


so restful.


somehow i want to marry all 3 of those bedrooms.

i don't think it can be done.



the wild cards..

i love the monochromatic element and the loungey den feel.


the perfect cocoon for watching tv.

which is all we ever do.


i love the baseboards.

and the blue.




so see..

if i were to put all those together it would be the perfect house for this house.

if i were to give it a name i would call it "fuck you it doesn't need a name".






things are happening 'round here..slowly but surely..

as much as i HATE "sneak peaks" i have no choice but to do them bc it takes me a long time to complete a perject.

for no other reason than the money to complete said perjects comes in, like, once every 2 months.

today's peak comes from fiona's room.

the bed is mostly there.

just missing a bedskirt..

the fabric is designer's guild through kimber mcG.

she made the whole bed.  i asked for the serena and lily st. germain shape.

she delivered.

it's awesome.

the pillow covers are windsor smith riad in jet.

also from house of pemberley.

the sheets are lands end. 

and apparently no longer available.



there was the addition of a bedside table/chest of drawers...

it came from craigslist and it was reallyreally orange and heinous..

i stripped the shit out of it.


 i am going to do a liming wax just as soon as amazon delivers the wax.

it still looks orange in the picture but i promise it has toned down quite a bit.

i just wanted it to be natural.

no paint.

just wood.

it's super pretty and i even contemplated stealing it for my entry.

but the girl needs drawers in a big way.



this weekend i will complete the wall paint which was going to be a minty green but in her room the green

was not working.  like at all.

it looked like a room in a rehab center.


so instead i am going with a pinky lavender..

m stew.  lavender verbena.

it's more orchid than lavender.

it's warm and girly.


i was inspired by this door:


i am selling her expedit bookshelves bc they take up the only wall without a window on it in her room.

this way i can have curtains instead of shades!

hear that kimber?


not sure what i'm gonna do there but since the room is small i'd like to keep the curtains solid and possibly the same color as the walls.  and maybe do a pretty trim...like this:

only not greek key. what?

i don't want a solid trim.


maybe a pom pom trim?

 that light looks like a cluster of hemorrhoids.  you're welcome.




then there is the desk issue.

she needs one.

i have been searching craigs forever.

i'd like a parson's style desk or something with clean lines like that.

but a campaign desk would be all kinds of awesome too.


desks i like..


not a desk but i'd take it.





and a rug.

need one of those too.

i'll cross that bridge in 2013, probably.


so, while i wish i could give you a bam bang whizz with a full reveal we all might be dead by the time that happens.


that's where i'm at.





downton on sunday!!!

though you should know that the golden globes are also on sunday and i plan on watching those first.

so downton on monday,

globes on sunday.

will do a dress recap on monday.



this was a much longer post than i had intended.