halloween + decorating progress

 first up the cutest girl in the world made cuter by ladybug attire:


this was friday morning before her halloween party at school, hence the sleepy eyes...


halloween afternoon we had homemade chili(dumb) and corn muffins(dumber) with our pals the marler's....

fiona and her pal ailey...a bride...


s. mike....(!!?!)


me (in tiny hat) and mollsballs...

(i see you all looking at that headboard!  it is awaiting paint.  not sure what color yet)

first house..

fiona ditched the boots for walking purposes..

and pants...


but wait!!!!!...as if that wasn't exciting enough..

shelves were made over..





painted...and roughly styled..

i need jamie the shelf whisperer to give me some tips...

let me address what the rest of you are thinking..

you: "MFAMB, why didn't you take the shelves off the walls to paint them?"

me: "bc they weigh more than Precious and they are drilled into the wall."

you: "MFAMB i totally think you should have painted the inside of the shelves another color!!"

me: "gross.  i would rather drink puke shooters."

you: "so no to wallpaper in them too?"

me: "diarrhea shooters."

you: "MFAMB why don't you put all your books vertical like?"

me: "bc they are decor books and 95% of the are too big. these shelves are really just roughly styled...as in i did them in a few minutes..i need to adorn them with a few cute ob'jets.  give me some time."

that ends this portion of the Q & A.


i hope you all had a fun halloween!!

we did!!


weekend delights

 woke up this morning to this:

most of the time it feels like you are trapped in a coffin inside a volcano here in atlanta.

highs in the mid 80's. which is actually a lot cooler than usual.

so that is delight number 1.



always wanted to try it.

first go around was interesting...

i poured a little of the chilled lillet into a glass and added a slice of orange as per a recipe.

too cloying...too sweet...too after dinner-ish.

so i added club soda...

delight number 2.



me and mollsballs took our girls to see the sound of music at the fox last weekend:

angles in yer face.



cheese quesadilla!




the finger.

delight #3.


haz good weekend.

drink. laugh. eat. hug. fart.