thank you so much for the birthday wishes yesterday.

i felt popular.

and as we all know that's the only feeling in the world that matters.


sadly when i came home from the whole foods with supplies for ad hoc cupcakes

i started to get a chill.

then a full blown fever with aches.


then i cried into my softened butter.


somewhere between 6 and 7 the fever vanished.

still achey but no more fever.

i SUSPECT it might have been old mr. detox.

for those of you swishing..

there is a thing i found called a herxheimer effect.

essentially when you are detoxing your toxins say fuck you right now with this..and go into panic mode,

bc all of the bad shit is dying off.

your body gets burdened with a toxic overload, that is too much for it to handle..

hence a fever, aches, chills, nausea, headache, swollen glands etc..

you can read more about herx and all the awesome side effects here.


the good news is it's likely NOT an actual infection per se..

so it should pass relatively quickly.

the bad news is it sucks donkey balls and ruins birthdays.


honestly the BEST part of my shit birthday was the many comments i read from you guys wishing me birthday love.

so thank you.

and happy birthday to all of my fellow sagittarians.



here are some leftovers from the birthday favorites category..


BAM! just like that some pink and purple and chocolate all up in your face.



bringing it back down with some cream and white and black.



YSL's stuff.






dark and stormy with a side of quirk.



delightful as ever.



a 1-2 punch..


come to think of it..








nathan turner bringing it for amanda peet.

all still awesome.









an entry way!!



i'll never forget...



shut. it. down. steven.



that's all for now.


it's fun revisiting old favorites.


word to your donkey turd.


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stuff i like






(good old zebra)



i am not down with those chairs but i would hurt you for that buffet.






pink and purple.



red and green.





glowing orb.

stuff on shelves.









mornings and evenings in this room.




stuff i like. 




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