prepare's the gift of christmas...or halloween maybe..

did you ever dream of waking up one day only to find a baby on your stoop?

do you think it's weird that i used the word "stoop"?

i do.


on our way to school this morning fiona ran ahead of me to the garage and a tiny, tabby bundle of joy ran up to her to say hello, then turned around, ran...and JUMPED into my arms and started to suckle my ear lobe.


that was all it took.

i have tried to put him back outside several times today and he wants no part of it.


he follows me around everywhere i go and he seems to get along fine with nicolas....

seriously they could be cat kin..

i am going to call him harry.

as in potter.

for a few reasons.

1. i am a nerd.

2. this cat is magic.


 3. he definitely has a lightning shaped scar on his head (see #1)


visual aid:

i already love him a ton and am obviously the cat whisperer.

if you've never had a kitten suckle your ear lobes you are missing out on one of life's more awesome gifts.


i will be here enjoying that for a while...