best booties ever..


yeah..FUCK yeah...



i am in love with them in an i would wear them everywhere with everything way.


i meeeaaan.


lookit how cute they are on alexa..




i seriously die for them so hard.

tears of happy anticipation for them being on my feet.


so i went to madewell and that shit is gone gone gone.


first of all they are originally over 300 dollars.

which pretty much blows them out of my budget anyway.

 on ebay they are going for twice that and now my tears are of the sad variety.


they were so perfect.

a heel, but not too high that i can still throw them on with my jean shorts and not look like a tramp.

wear them with a dress.

wear them with jeans.

wear them with leggings.

wear them for life. one of you has to find something similar for me.

no wedge.

no stiletto.


thank you internet friends.


here is something to put a kick in your step while you are searching for them for me..




shit i can't stop thinking about

 this fabric..

on a chair or my face.




this small, clean kitchen nook...

i would go this direction if i had a cabin somewheres.






anywhere but the dining room.



this lair...

 oh so clean looking.

and with those washable slipcovers it would stay that way!!

OCD averted. 



the fact that this guy looks like that guy and no one's talking about it drives me fucking crazy!!



and this:

best show on television.

ever anytime.