time out















prayer is not enough.


donate here


or do what i did and buy this supercute t shirt:

prayer is just not enough people..

and frankly this t shirt isn't much either..

so if you can, buy 10.  or 100.

for each one of your friends and family.


a lot of people read this blog (thank you)

so i know i have a great opportunity here to 

reach some numbers.

and i am willing to bet that a vast number of you have donated much much more than i ever could.

so thank you! 

but for the rest of you..


watching the news and crying isn't helping these poor souls.  

stop fucking around and relying on prayer to help these people and donate MONEY!!!


i do not underestimate the power of prayer...but it's not enough.



sorry in advance for ruining your day...and life.

there is a space between when something really bad happens and when things are hopefully, somewhat normal again.

that space is raw like a burn.

heavy like a boulder.

empty like a crater.

quiet like a hall.

i am very much in that space.


this morning we had to put harry to sleep.

he was in pain from tumors as a result of feline leukemia.

i don't particularly want to discuss things.

but i thought you all should know.

things might be a little quiet around here for a few days.


i miss him real bad.


he was a funny little guy and i loved him very much.



warning: this post might be too sad for you. or it might be funny. either way i am drunk.

first of all i may or may not feel like this:



i woke up this morning at 7:00.

went into fiona's room to wake her.

but i didn't wanna.

i wanted a tornado.

an earthquake.

a time machine.

i knew i would be faced instead with a lip and a face.

"i don't want to go to kindergarten mommy".

her little bangs all straight and serious.

i assured her that linny, tuck and ming ming went to school, as did olivia, her cousin wyatt, dora and all the others too.

she smiled.

it worked.

so off she went for 8 hours.


but what about me?

there are no other little ones at home to tend to.

but there is painting to do.

and i should probably get all the dishes done and dust....stuff.

i could read all the design blogs i love that i need to catch up on..

but i don't wanna.  i am not interested in design right now.

instead i read THIS

this is tragic.

this is LOSS.

this is unspeakable.

if you don't know the back story i'll tell you.

this woman lost her son to suicide a few months ago.

go ahead-

for me...read it.

for you, read it.

when you're done come back....








so what about me?

i am going to go to fiona's school and i am going to grab her up and scoop her up and eat her up.

bc i can.