you guys are the best!


a million trillion thanks for all the lovely words yesterday.


i never have a problem pouring it out to you guys over things like,

my butt, my buttzits, my vagina, my anxiety disorder,

my poop disorder.


but showing your design work on a (mostly) design blog where people are looking through their savvy design eyeballs (judging) is real scary.

not that i know i can't make a pretty room, i surely can..

but not having it EXACTLY where i want it means that it isn't EXACTLY what i want to show you.

and that can be dangerous if you're a decorator person.



but i couldn't wait another 3 months to show you what you've all been patiently waiting for.

plus this way those of you wanting to decorate your own spaces can see that it doesn't always come together perfectly and mistakes ARE made and you CAN change your mind and you WILL change your mind.


and because i am crazy for decorating i already want to change things.

somehow i can't seem to get brown and white gingham out of my head.

how sick would that headboard look in a brown and white gingham against those purply walls?!

i'll tell you one thing..

would be a lot easier for me to pick bedding.

but as i said, this room is for fiona not for me and i don't really have the means to decorate a corner of a doll house let alone a real house right 

there you are.


but anyway..thanks.

i mean it.


in honor of my thanks i give you this:


 raise your hand if you watched all 90 minutes of this bullshit the other night and were like..

you guys seriously had to rehash last year's ramona hurt luann's feelings with her weekend mom comment!?

at a set up party no less?

that was such a bullshit flavored set up that even aviva's bag of legs gave andy cohen the (wooden toe) finger.


and i of course loved every minute of it..


here are my takeaway thoughts on this whole parade of insanity.


#1  jersey housewives are my favorite housewives.

rosie is my hero.


#2 luann looked mesmerizingly beautiful in every single scene.


#3 heather-

mario and ramona were RIGHT!

shut the fuck up already.

and if ramona is talking you need to shut your giant man face and listen.

it's RAMONA!! 



#4 heather i am sorry your baby was born with a liver condition i cannot imagine what that must have been like and a million hugs to you for having to endure that.



#5 ramona- you shut up too.

this way heather doesn't have to not listen to you.


#6 sonja- my sweet sonja.

i love you and have nothing bad to say about you.


#7 aviva- 

sorry about your leg. 

you seem to be handling it like a boss.

and you have 4 kids.

ultimate respect.

i can barely manage one, with BOTH of my legs.


#8 carole-

you seem like a no nonsense gal who maybe takes downers?

ramona and heather need a little of what you're on.

i love your hair.

why are you on this show?




thoughts on the best show in the universe?


and thanks again for yesterday.

i love you guys hard.






your questions and stuff

still floating on your cloud of love from yesterday.

i have lots of emails to read and thank you's to send.

it might take a few days,

but i will address all of your questions and gusts of lovewind personally.


i wanted to address a few of the more popular questions..

my art-

if you asked to commission a piece (thank you) i will email you personally with that info in a short bit.

if you asked to see some of my work...well..there still isn't any.

i have pretty much soley done commissioned pieces bc i haven't had the time to work on anything outside of those commissions.

so- if you want something specific (size, color etc) now is the time to ask for it.

otherwise i am going to get out some pieces as i am able that you can choose from.

many of you also expressed the importance of prints.

i need some more time to consider what that will entail.

in the meantime...

i WILL do a variety of smaller size canvases that are super affordable.

and i intend to do a lot of work on paper which will be very very super very affordable.

if time permits i do love the idea of cards.  or even a calendar.




where will you see my art?

as soon as i have art to sell i will put them on the minty site.


for those submitting design services..i will also email you all personally with all of the info you are looking for.

and it thank you. 


for those beautiful souls who sent monetary donations, i cannot thank you enough.

my family cannot thank you enough.

it helps us so much.


i wish for all of you the same feeling of warm hugs and love in your lifetime a million times over.

churches have intentions lists in their prayer round-up's..

rest assured each and every one of you are on my own personal intentions list.


really, i have your backs always.


thank you so much.