it puts the koala bear in the basket

originally this post was titled 'spring is fucking with me' and included bits about old people and chocolate diarrhea.


you're welcome.



have you ever in all your life???!!!??!?!?!



in other news..

i have been trying to decide what in the hell i am going to do with my hair for a while now.

i waffle back and forth between cutting it off like this:

(try not to stare into the freak's detaches and will stab you to death with it's sharp point)


i think the haircut is cute though.

it's edgy and looks easy to manage. i have had this haircut before and i loved it.

but i was also 24, super skinny and had normal sized boobs.


i have also considered this:

short-ish but with little bangs and utilizing the natural wave nicely.

i have natural wave too so this seems like a perfect fit.

but the little bangs?

not sure about them.

we have similar features though, in fact alexa chung looks a lot like my own mother did when she was younger.


and then there's the old standby:


but it's the perfect length for my face.

it's also the perfect length for hers.


my hair is getting too long and it's also too blonde, like gooper's.


i made an appointment next month to chop it.

and color it.

for color i am going to do something like this:

i am just so sick of the maintenance of my super blonde hair.


what are your thoughts on this matter?


one more time:

squeeze hims face off!