updates from fun town



greetings from fartcation! 



so far i have plucked my eyebrows..




- issued a fatwa on my television.


- done some new yoga routines (holy hip flexor murder).


- watched 4 seasons of sex and the city..

by far my most favorite carrie hair.



my least favorite carrie hair.






i have painted some crazy paintings..


it's called neon jellyfish

because there are such a thing and this painting is like an acid trip in an aquarium.

it's 36 x 36.



still working on taking the party outside

baby steps.



fiona is in a play today at the alliance theatre..

just a summer camp play but she is very excited..

and very good, actually.


we are super proud of our girl.



ok then..


have a great weekend!











we are going to look at a house.


and it's not actually terrible looking!!


ok the inside is pretty terrible looking ( thanks to MLS pictures) but thankfully it's only 40 gallons of paint away from being not terrible looking at all.


think dijon mustard trim and ketchup walls.

think beadboard cabinet fronts (top and bottom) (painted dijon mustard yellow) with mix-matched glass colored knobs.

but the bones are great and it has been well maintained.

the front looks a lot like the house up there.

 well, it could.

fairly easily.


so fingers crossed for us.


in other finger crossing news...

i have my 409th drop dead diva audition today.

let's go ahead and book it this time, k?




also, have any of you been watching girls on hbo?

you should be.

it's fantastic.



thanks for snatching up my paintings so fast yesterday.


more monsters are coming..







we need to talk about summer


last night i basically laughed in someone's face when they asked me why i wasn't hosting my own design camp.

first of all, no one would come.

second of all summer rapes parents of their freedom.

and while a design camp might be cool for some folks..

all i want to do is sit in a treehouse eating chocolate and freebasing white wine on ice while my kid hula hoops down below.


summer changes when you have kids.

it's all about them.

not you.

actually...that's basically your life 24/7 when you have kids..


in the summer it all just gets kicked up a notch.

you become a planner and chaperone and dragon slayer of boredom.


and maybe in the middle of their downtime you can muster the energy to limewash a secretary and paint it's insides pink..



but then it's back to building a dollhouse out of cardboard.



 for my next trick i am tackling my office/bedroom..

i am going to paint my desk black.

and the walls soft mint green.

it's going to blow everyone's face off their head.



then sometime in 2015 i will paint my french doors black and move on to the living room and those F&B pink ground walls.


don't any of you go dyin on me.