workout wear

 i've always heard that one of the best ways to get motivated to exercise is to buy new workout clothes.

i don't have to get motivated to exercise anymore.

but it took me a long time to get here.

i DO get bored with my routine and seek new ways to change it up.

but i move my body almost every single day.

and it DOES help to get a new pair of shoes or a new pair of shorts that don't look like grandpa's dirty boxers to keep it flowing.



here are some of my workout favorites and some i want on my person...






most of the time i work out in whatever i slept in but for those times when it's not an option it's nice to have a few public-friendly workout outfits in your closet.


fyi- i don't do a lot of cardio which is why there is the absence of a sturdier workout bra. 

normally i do all workouts in my yoga bra.

except for tracy anderson dance shit.

for that i typically just hold my boobs, cry and stop after 15 minutes.






good morn gentle pee-ple...

rememeber yesterday when i was all...

hey MiNTY is open!  go shop and stuff.

huh? remember? all shopped like fat ladies at an online hummel sale.

and we made over a million dollars!!!!


just kidding.

but you did shop and you did buy and we thank you so much for that.

it just means we are able to procure more goodness for you!


and just in case you still want more..

let me show you how you can use MiNTY items to great effect..


grab you some pewter grasscloth.

some brass finish modern lounge chairs in a fancy gorgeous wool chalk stripe- $925

a couple of moody art pieces..."See Them" and "Nude".

a handsome bust to smooch on when you're lonely.- $150

a brass porthole clock to tell you what time it is...(time to stop kissing a statue).- $65

a leather flask to hide your feelings into.- $15

and a groovy lamp to light the way so you don't sad drunk!

a rug to cushion your fall...(you fell anyway)- $225

and marble bookends to keep all your self help books neat.- $60




for the answers to life's problems.



and for you pee-ple who already showed your support (thank you) here is a treat sneak peek for you:


fiona's room coming soon in 2012.





at long last..



thanks to susie who worked like a beast to get this online shop up and ready for you to spend all of your hard earned money at.

and there is goodness to be had.

at good prices too.


so for goodness gracious sake!!

GO and




before you hop away to shop..


sign up for the MiNTY mailing list below..

this will ensure you are aware when new goodies arrive..




now go shop!