pinning it to winning it.


sorry for the late post (not sorry)..

i was just auditioning for an oscar winning french director, NBD.


it's secret like so i can't say who and all that... but it goes without saying that i diarrhea'd down my leggings.




have you guys heard about the pin it to win it thing from 1stdibs?


in a nutshell you create a pinterest board called 'living with style'..

then you start pinning all of your ideas for the perfect living room using at least 3 items from 1stdibs.

then you can pin whatever you want.


here is the entry form.


here's my pinterest board (don't steal my shit).


i put together some of my pinned items to create my idea of living room heaven..


the winner get's $2,000 in 1stdibs money.


do you think i can buy a velvet sofa with my winnings?

maybe a velvet ottoman.


maybe an old pair of shoes.




holy mother of ass


i have been spending a lot of time on 1stdibs lately.

and sometimes i come across something that is so good, so amazing that it literally makes me shout out,

tourette's style, holy mother of ass!!!!!!

 so i decided to make it a feature here on MFAMB-

1stdibs friday: holy mother of ass!


every friday i will feature an amazing, shit-your-pants piece from 1stdibs.


1st up:

a late 20th century lucite and deep blue, egyptian marble cocktail table:



the marble has been inlaid in a herringbone pattern:


there is no price listed for this fucker...

which means either the dealer wants to negotiate with you or it's so expensive, just looking at the price will make your face melt off.

i'm gonna say it's both.


when time allows i will also incorporate the piece into a fantasy room mood board.

sounds awesome right?


today i am off to scott's to meet eddie and jaithan..

the wonder gays.


i can't wait.

i promise plenty of iphone pics,

of the boys, the goods and possibly a poop.


love and antique farts,