my birthday and my favorites

yep friends.

it's my birthday.

i have already opened my jacquie lawson E card of a dog digging in some ivy and shit.

i have already opened my cookbook present.

and now i present to you some of my favorite rooms that i like for long time...



i still love you domino purple and black and peach room.






not sure how i'll feel about you in a few years but i like you a lot right now.



the chairs with the books and the gray.....good.



i have the exact same doors.  even the knobs.  except only one of mine is black..

bc i am a lazy asshole who needs to be karate chopped.

in any case i LOVE this entrance hall area place.



yard gathering.






stop the madness.



 best kitchen ever i think.


yes. for sure.



this bathroom shreds my heart into pulled-heart sandwiches.



nursery finery.




triple hearts club.



this sings to my inner rainmain.



a big, striped hug.



and so began my love of rust velvet.



and so began my love of blue velvet.



englishy forever.



yes.  i would suck on a chicken pox lolli-pop just to call this my sickbed.







that's enough.

there's like a thousand more but i got bored.





for those of you pulling your oils i have some updates...

i feel better.

more energy.

sleeping like a horse after a race.


i am zitty.

i am pretty sure that it's just wine and nutella coming out of my skin.

oh and i have the weirdest taste in my throat...

like old boogers.


anyone else?

i know zdub got a bloody nose.





old hippie birthday farts,


joy to the world

Joy to the World , Jenny is come!
Let earth receive her Queen;
Let every heart prepare Her room,
And Heaven and nature poop,
And Heaven and nature poop,
And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature poop.

Joy to the World, MFAMB reigns!
Let men their songs employ;
While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding fart,
Repeat the sounding fart,
Repeat, repeat, the sounding fart.

She rules the world with truth and sparkles,
And makes the nations prove
The glories of Her righteousness,
And wonders of Her butt,
And wonders of Her butt,
And wonders, wonders, of Her butt.


it's my birthday hookers!

a long time ago that was me on my 1st birthday.

that dress i am wearing is hanging in fiona's closet.

it looks the same.

in other words it has preserved rather well,

much like me.



i feel somewhere between this:

(asian kids are my favorite looking kids)

and this:


my birthday dream gift:



and a rundown of the day's activities:

1. blog reading and commenting

2. awesome movie watching:

exhibit a:


3. cake slaughtering

exhibit a.

i feel you angela.

i feel you.