one-two- nut punch!!!

momentous day today loves...momentous day!

for starters it's lonny day..

i woke up to an email from my good friend raina at if the lampshade fits that said this:

"Good Lord.  Lee Kleinhelter is at it again with her condo, this time in Lonny.

Looks like shit.

She's a prime example of the stark difference between a designer and a shopkeeper.

  That condo model looks like a parking lot of furniture.  And I won't mention which piece gets the handicap

placard, because your readers would have my head.

It's hot as hell in Denver and I can't sleep.



i've had my first fast paced run through and i concur..

there were the usual suspects:

girly decor and fabric overload. and, apparently shower doors.


and i am pretty sure almost every bed featured had linens with striped borders.


and of course no lonny would be complete without these ubiquitous trends:



this was my favorite from my run through:

i thought it looked thoughtful and fresh. even the ducks.

even the goddamned ducks.

i will give my full review later..


now moving on to part 2 of momentous day 2010:

its RHONY reunion part 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


let the trannyoneshouldereddresscandyaddictedcrazyiwasn'tcawlingyouugly hateparade begin!!!!!!

see you later mah friends!!


RHONY season finale recap: MFAMB style...

let's recap bitches...

ok, so i think it's safe to say that nothing will ever compare to the drama and collective viewer jack off that was the the good ship jelly bean and psychovilla episodes...

so let's go ahead and agree that andy would have had to have planted some meth and/or a yacht at the reception to get the same awesomeness, and move on.

first up was 'moans planning her grand entrance with lurch and gross wedding planner at the pierre...

snooze..who cares.


let's shoot across town to lunch with bethenney and jill.

so j invites b to lunch to talk. assuming j is going to appologize for her shitty behavior. apparently all she could mustah was an "ahm sahrry fuh not being there fuh you".

no more from you please.

that's bettah...

seriously fucked up jill. big time. and when bethenney tells you that if you want to be friends "you've got a lot of changing to do" don't say.."i am who i am, i won't change". no ma'am!

you say- you're right, i am an asshole who needs to seriously check my grudge holding, better than you attitude at the door.. end. of. story.

right bethenney?

thought so...


next up was lumann's record release party where her lesbian producer came with a bevvy of sluts..

we also see that lumann's new boyfriend, jacques is really just dustin hoffman circa 1967..

oh dear christ and then she sings elegance is learned.

i agree with you lu...elegance is learned.

and money can't by you class..but it can, apparently buy you a record deal.

you suck mah friend..on almost every level.

the girls danced to the catchy tune...



and then a beautiful thing happened..

sonja told lu to shut the fuck up, that she couldn't get a word in edge wise with this narcissist tranny to her left...(LOVE u sonja!!) while she proceeded to tell jill that she sucked for crashing their mani pedi party.

it really was like killing two bitches birds with one stone.


then bethenny and jason had a fight over her massive jar collection and his basketball..

note to men everywhere..basketballs, baseballs and footballs and your balls should be hidden at all times, unless your playing with them and then they should still be hidden. (shudders)


jill arrives early to the moaner/mary-o renewal ceremony to say congrats bc for fucks sake these two go waaaaaaaaaaaay back and will be friends forevah...

moans proceeded to tell her that she still has a lot to learn about being a good person let alone good friend..

still this notion she is to blame for anything eludes her.


silex shows up..

alex looks stunning..


the ceremony is sweet and mary-o got major points from every female watching...

he knocked it out of the park. sweet, honest and humble.


oh jesus...not again..


we were then left with moan's toast to the ladies...

can we please all look at the sex bomb that is sonja? (furthest right)

i call her meryl streisand.



and in real housewives fashion i have decided to do my own version of their "where are they now-fast times at ridgemont high montage"....

cue music...



i can't wait for this 2 part reunion...