the evolution of "f'art" or...fake-art. (really it would be "c'art" or...copied art but any chance i can used the word fart...i take.)

ever on the search for cheap original art that doesn't make my butt bleed, i stumbled across these drawings on anthropologie a few days ago...

they are copied from a 19th century sketchbook and

they remind me of my favorite hugo guinness art:

 except i like the flowers  better.

but sadly those fuckers cost 498.00 EACH!!


so i went to sam flax

got some ivory paper and a caligraphy pen.

then i went home and drew that shit on some scrap paper.

just to see if i could:

i could.

violas close up:

tulips close up:

so i nervously penciled out the scale on the good paper..

then free handed it with my caligraphy pen ($2.49) and BAM!



accurate smudging:

and frames:




now to hang or to prop?