new in the shop

i made some bitty jellies as well for the budget conscious.

every once in a while i like to create small originals.

to me it's better than a print but the same size as a print so, totally affordable

you can't beat original art with a stick.

one of a kind is pretty damn awesome if you ask me. 

get em while they're hot   11 x 15

get em while they're hot

11 x 15

and for the rest of AHS recap later today. 





my new shop

hey everyone. 

this post is late. 


it also smells like cinnamon.

no it doesn't. 

i WISH. 

cinnamon is my favorite smell. 


i have decided to switch my store over from etsy to a new all-me-only-me site


there are new smaller paintings over there to christen it..

like this..


11 x 15 paper

and this..



11 x 15

smaller because they would make a great gift.

and gifts should be affordable but special. 

that said, no one will cuss at you if you buy one for yourself. 

because they are so affordable!!!!


go here to see the new shop.