i enjoy this painterly painter headquarters.


i wish i had my own painter headquarters.

instead of a 3 x 5 area of my dining room that i have to put together and break down every day just in time for dinner.

it works, but it's not ideal.

it's sooo not ideal.


i look at other painters who have big, beautiful, light-filled spaces and i burn with a jealous rage.



to have a floor to drip on without worry.


to have a surface to paint on that's not my 100 year old dining room table covered in layers of towels.


to be able to splatter paint all over expensive furniture and give no fucks about it.


but mostly..

i just want a space bigger than my face to paint in that i don't have to clean up and put away.

also i want to paint all that pottery up there and sell it to you.



don't get me wrong...

there are far worse things in life to be disgruntled over.

like a certain contest that i am losing by 300 votes.


so...i will continue to paint in my shoebox until i can afford to move into a shed somewhere.

with windows.

and no spiders.

and no best design blogging mom of all time title. 


i painted this for you in my shoebox..


24 x 36 "bundles"

acrylic and oil stick on canvas.

warm pinks, ochre, rust, cobalt, violet, lavender, yellow..





email me.



have a glorious weekend butterbutts.

keep voting.

or don't.

i love you all regardless.


painter lady: isabelle tuchband

images: the selby