friday everybody!

first up is bidness..


do you like to look like this...


and this...


and this...


i would if sweatpants weren't so comfortable. 

plus the girls just don't fit in vintage frocks,

i am built like a linebacker (don't fuck with me).


but if you have petite womanly proportions and like stinky old dresses then head on down to

antique factory and peruse all of their fine, vintage dresses from the 50's through the 80's.

and while you're there you'd be stupid not to pop your head into minty and pretty much buy all the not stinky things. 


the party starts tonight at 5pm until 9 pm.

and sat. 11-5

sun. 1-5

5505 peachtree rd.

chamblee, ga. 




ok moving on..

do you like shit that is funny?

then head over to 

and read our interview together.




and finally a few words on american horror story..




1. first scene, nurse murder?

sweet jesus in heaven he stabbed that bitch in the back while she was hogtied.

(p.s. do not google image "hogtied")



2.  not sure why ben went to boston to see his mistress...did i miss that part or was it just

unclear?  she checked herself into a she pregnant?

either way...

is he a standup guy for being there for her, or is he a dickface for lying to his wife?

answer: BOTH!


3. jessica lange.


4. "the opening montage is scarier than 100% of the scary movies we've watched in the last 6 months"- mike anderson


5. jessica lange cupcake scene.


6. jessica lange throwing adelaide into the closet of mirrors and returning to her hot boy-toy scene.


7. get ready to lose everyone nominated for a best supporting actress emmy other than jessica lange.


8. eating the poison cupcake and then getting chopped in half.

dreams DO come true.


9. we are thinking tate is jessica lange's "normal" son (ghost) who got murdered in the house.



10. start watching this show.

it's fuuuuun!!!!



ok, have a great weekend bitches!




blog powers activate

  form of....

paid writer!


if you are under the impression that blogs are a giant waste of time.

you would right.

BUT...if you are good at blogging..

i.e. your writing doesn't suck and you have the smarts..

other people will take notice and hire you for their own needs and purposes.

case in point my sister wife, raina of if the lampshade fits..

she is definitely smarter than anyone i know and therefore her snark comes off as genius and not really snark..

plus she knows a thing or four about interior design.

in fact i dare say she knows more about interior design than most interior designers. 


raina now has her own column on curbed national!!!

so..congrats to you raina.

you deserve it!



while i am aware that some of you would rather eat dry chicken with a side of crackers in the desert than read an interview on a blog..

i am pretty sure that doesn't include an "innerview" with yours truly...


my friend stephanie at little shop is innerviewing me in a series she calls "one thing".

go read it !!!


famous farts,