the fruit of my labor..


because i get over 7,000 catalogs delivered to my mailbox each month

i thought i would share my favorites so that you can buy them for me.




1. west elm souk rug/ 2.UO brass tiered pendant shade / 3.west elm wood knot lamp (i would paint mine white) / 4. wisteria handwoven rug / 5. frette for garnet hill hotel bedding / 6. anthropologie curtains/  7.anthropologie watercolor peony wallpaper / 8. ballard rylan sconce9. anthropologie mineral and might dining table / 10. garnet hill bunny hooked pillow 



downton recap in progress.

cool your jets.


my dad texts me this last night:

if every brit soldier got as much leave from the front as matthew does

they'd have lost the war in a fortnight. (yes, he really said 'fortnight')

i could have done without him joining in the singing. schmaltz.


you love my dad.


now go buy me that table!!