i'm an excellent cleaner

i like to look at that. don't you? 


i go a little rainman when i look at stuff like this.


nobody's house actually looks like that and if yours does you better prove it. 

(pretty sure that image is of a restaurant. the highchair and eleventy billion coffee cups are a dead giveaway) 


 i think i have to be super organized before the holidays or i will feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off.  

a place for everything and everything in it's place. 


i usually use this time of year to clean out the pantry and the fridge and just give everything a general cleaning. 

my top 3 spots are:

the oven

the fridge


my cabinets, inside and out.  


a clean house makes me feel like i have more control over all the things. 

and control IS EVERYTHING!

said the woman no one wants to be around.  


i have been meaning to put shelf paper in our cabinets for, oh..i don't know, about 5 years?! 

do you know about chic shelf paper

most shelf paper is so boring.  

like blake lively. 


not boring:


red and blue dots

i see this in a kitchen with black cabinets or dark blue with plenty of brass hardware. 


dove gray greek key

i see this in any kitchen.  

dark or light cabinetry. 

modern or traditional. 

works all the places.  


classic black and white polka dots

i see this in an all white kitchen, modern, brass hardware, marble surfaces and a wood floor. 

but it's classic so it works anywhere. 


blue and white damask

i see this softening up a spare, rustic kitchen. 


have you shelf paper?

i just realized this sounds like a sponsored post.  

it so isn't.  

i was looking for pretty shelf paper the other day and happened upon chic shelf paper. 

i liked what i saw and thought i'd share. 


there are hundreds more shelf papers to choose from ovr there

they also come in different finishes. 

even fabric. 


the bottom line here is i get REALLY excited thinking about putting shelf paper in my cabinets. 


the end.


p.s. i have no memory of what samples i ordered. 

but i can't WAIT til they arrive!