jesus gave his life and so for christmas you give me presents..

or something like that..

but wait jewish people!!!

 raina and nelya made me an honorary jew so i also accept hanukkah gifts.


for your consideration:

 1. breville gourmet single cup brewer- $249.99

cuz my coffee gets cold before i have a chance to drink it in the morning what with school runs and shoe tying..

this way i could make 1 cup at a time...and savor it's small portioned and hot freshness.



2. barre3 workout- $19.99

i have done this workout on the exercise tv channel and i really like it a lot.  way better than dumb dumb tracy anderson.


3. sao paulo bookends- $98.00

cuz their pretty.


4. st. honore ceramic tray in black- $28.95

i am pretty sure this would go in fiona's bathroom to corral her shampoos and bubble bath.


5. hunter original tall rain boot in new green size 9 please- $125.00

winter in georgia is very rainy and gross and these are very very practical and much needed.


6. penhaligon's english fern perfume- $110.00

i will let their description do the talking:

yes ok..yes. 



7. nigella kitchen: recipes from the heart of the home- $17.50 on amazon

because i love her, would go gay for her and have all of her books.


8. jamie oliver 30 minute meals- $$??

this book is elusive.  hard to find..

and you would be a christmas miracle maker if you could get this.


9.  nike lunar glide running shoe size 8.5- $100.00

for my fitness routine.  right now i am walking in crocs.

(ok, i'm not really...but i have)


10.  marabou boa pillow in pink and gray- $88.00

ok, in truth harry would probably eat these and die.

but they sure are pretty.


11.  ashbury satchel in black- $238.00

so awesome.


12.  pretty plaid blankets from the scottish weaver- $109.00

i love plaid more than leopard.



13. any of the yummiest diptyque candles available- $60.00

expensive candles are my weakness.


if you don't buy these for me i approve them for your friends and family.



what's on your wish list this year?