hudson valley craig..for alice and her country house...

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here is what alice asked of MFAMB...


"Really?   Are you really willing to do this?   Because I live in NYC where there is just too much.  Much too much.  I wish they had images like on ebay so you don't have to click, click, click.   Are you listening Craig?

Here's my story:  I'm renovating a weekend house and I need to rent it out because I can't afford a weekend house.   I'm furnishing it cheap bcs I've rented houses before and I know what people want:  clean.  painted and clean.    But I was hoping to find some leather stuff:  chairs, dining chairs, or sofa to mix in with the painted stuff.   Leather is cleanable.  But everything I find is so .. puffy.   I want stuff that has that Roman and Williams vibe.    Also, non-furniture decorating ideas to spice up these otherwise painted and clean spaces.   Lamps?   Pictures?   Objet d'art?

The weekend house is in the Hudson Valley

But I live in NY so I could look there too, but harder to move big things.




here are my inspiration pics for alice's place...

(please use the inspiration loosely. i realize i find things that are not inspired by the pics sometimes but i still think are useful or awesome. and also no leather which she specified, but good leather is hard to find and the good stuff is expensive as hell.)


white oversized slipcovered chair- $100

so easy to clean, looks comfy. people like comfy on vacay..


old antique map of long island (1903)- $46

to help you re-enact the map and chest scene above...


antique bamboo dresser- $100

part 2 of the re-enactment..paint it a soft, washed out hue duh.


modern table lamps- $30

love good to balance out all that country charm. keep the space minimal and all the wood, and folksy things look fresh and new. holla at'cha designers!!


pair of club chairs- $250

they have a great shape..

have slip cover's made in a white demin or another soft hue...chambray, sage, or dove gray??


wood farmhouse table- $200

not the round zinc table in the pics (i tried) but a gorgeous table nonetheless..

i would strip it down to it's natural wood grain..


restoration hardware dining chairs- $50 each(there are 4)

i saw vincente wolf paint a bunch of windsor chairs different shades of green, slightly was really pretty.


2 vintage windsor chairs- $125 each


2 painted bamboo chairs- $75 each

really you could take all these chairs and strip them or paint them varying shades and they would look amazeballs. 


2 swing arm sconces- $80



white crate and barrel slipcovered sofa- $250

great price, needs cleaning but seriously bleach it out and it's good as new!


old jelly cupboard- $175

kinda pricey but so great for extra storage where you need it. like a bathroom. small and narrow perfect for that nook and extra towels and toiletries. paint it or don't.


3 brass and glass tables -$125

love these for myself...but also for you



 vintage driftwood lamp- $275

yes expensive, so offer half.



bamboo highback sette- $325

ugh! dying. i love it. will i ever tire of bamboo?

offer half please.


wicker night stand- $65

 love it next to a child's bed.

the black is working for me, kinda spidery.


driftwood mirror from bali- $45




nautical maps from the 40's- $45 each

so pretty, and with that washed out quality we are going for here..



farmhouse dining table- $250

pretty, but i would try hard to find a zinc topped round table like the insp. pic. dumbness.


bentwood rocker- $35

love them in a bedroom.

easy to reupholster yourself.


pair of midcentury lamps- $195

loving the wood and brass mix, and those shades are beyond gorgeous..

offer half but pay 125.


restoration hardware metal and wood coffee table- $200

not sure but i think this is prettier in person.


modern wooden candleholders- $10

these are way cool.


new cowhide- $149

cowhide is super easy to clean as you just wipe away whatever spills. i have one and trust me it rocks.



2 ceiling lights- $25 for BOTH!

these are very cool and farmhouse/schoolhouse chic.

great for you m'lady.



antique beekeeper's honeycomb cutter- $95

cool as art on a wall hung horizontally. yes?

i mean it's unique to say the least..aren't bees big in upstate new york?



1920's cherry wood settee- $175

reupholster in something washed out and easy to clean.


ivory and black tufted bench- $150

great price, and it's cool.


brass lantern- $140

for our purposes i would rouch it up and make it more bronze.



modern table lamps- $99

very cool.

so i think it's important to keep vacation rentals extremely minimal. not too much shit, mmkay?

clean and spare. with just the essentials and plenty of storage to put the shit that's needed away from view.

alice, i hope you use some of these things and the inspiration pics.

let me know if i can help you pull it together too. or find some more for you.

yes, i know...i am awesome.


 inspiration pics via house beautiful

bamboo craig

  atlantacraig has some serious bamboo offerings..

king headboard- $150 

what's not to love?


tall chinoiserie bamboo cabinet- $225

are you even kidding me with this thing?? hell yes it's awesome. oh the paint possibilities.


regency bamboo mirror- $300


vintage regency mirror- $375

bamboo AND greek key?



side table and coffee table- $175

perfectly awesome as is.


nesting tables- $125

these are cool and retro and just need some paint. in fact i might paint, then marine varnish the shit out of them for outside on the porch.

happy craiging!!