little rock CRAIG..good shit.

sometimes i like it better when a city's craigslist doesn't have much to choose from...quantity-wise.

i mean, it's either there or it isn't.

whereas a place like NYC has soooo much to sift through it can give you a headache.

even though they would be more apt to have that "one thing" that blows my face off.


food for thought people.

food for thought.



alphabetically we are at arkansas...specifically little rock.

lots of good wicker and shit.


like this:

60's wicker hanging chair- $200



and this:

fan-back wicker chair- $40!!

for my purposes i would give it a white wash and put a fuchsia or kelly green cushion on it.




vintage wicker floor lamp- $125




wicker etageres- (specifically the one on the left)- $50




and these:

3 wicker storage tables- $100

functional beauty.

to build your room's layers and add a bit of texture.




and there were mirrors:

big ass mirror- $45

the detail looks pretty.




big ass ribbony mirror- $75

powder room?

daughter's room?

daughter's powder room?




and lamps:

vintage chrome stacked ball lamp?!?- $42??!!





2 little brass desk lamps- $10each.

deal of the day.

for real.




wooden cylinder lamps- $30.

great as is or..

you could spray them any color for some lacquery goodness.






a vw van:

fully restored 1969 VW van!


this is cooler than everything.

get your ass to arkansas, drive to california and never look back.




2 cute wicker and wood side tables- $60

california casual vibe.




custom made marble table- $50




rattan set- $750.

yeah, it's expensive but not TERRIBLE expensive.

and imagine it on a porch with your favorite fabric and accessories..

i'm just sayin use your decorator eyeballs.




canary yellow velvet tufted sofa- $95

supposedly this is yellow yellow.

as always i see this against a chocolate lacquered wall.




brass peacock from india- $15

pretty cool.




vintage chrome tables- $75




large wool rug- $225

great price, pretty rug.




vintage 150pc. brass flatware set- $75.

brass?  in hot pink velvet?





brass and glass table- $50

seriously.  look at this fucking animal and his cords.

but that table is the business.




and last..

my favorite:

chinoiserie cabinet- $125

ohhh the possibilities.




good shit.


the next 3-4 craigs searches will be dedicated to california.

bc that state is full of cities worth investigating.



a craigslist sunday for pittsburghians


sometimes people email me and ask me to find shit for them on their craigslist.

and because i am fucking amazing at life,  i do it.


here you go pittsburgh!


 pink velvet tufted chair-  $40

such a lovely washed out shade of pink.



claw and ball foot english chest of drawers- $20

needs restoration or just some paint.

then blammity blambo it's awesome again.



antique brass cart-  $75




french sofa- $50 

are u kidding?



 late 60's ealy 70's painted glass geometric art- $40

i LOVE this thing.




victorian brass rocker- $250 

shut it.



brass vanity- $75 

would be so pretty in a black walled bedroom.




 twin wicker headboard- $35

perfect for that 70's boho type girl room.



velvet halfmoon chair- $75



yellow desk and chair- $125



3 wicker bar stools- $25

r u shitting my face?

T W E N T Y F I V E D O L L A R S!!!!!!!!!




mid century green lamps- $50 

so so cool. 




greek key iron coffee table- $650 

expensive but not 1stdibs expensive.



 6 real tulip chairs for- $1200

that's an amazing deal.



antique bamboo wash stand- $300

this has so many possibilities..

sink, bar, bar or bar.



crazy cute secretary- $70

consider high gloss orange. 





craig- ATL.


antique brass bed- $400



brass and glass desk- $225



buffet/display- $1200


display plates and whatnots in place of a wall of cabinets in the kitch.

paint please.


accent table-$70




nelson-y slat bench- $170


4 windsor chairs- $25 ea.

paint glossy glossy black.

so good. 



2 mid century slipper chairs- $300



white/chrome buffet (not ikea)- $150



antique gate leg table- $425

pretty shaped legs.



2 twin chrome headboards- $125





glass parson's table- $80

i want. 



2 vintage chrome chairs- $150

great shape.

hot pink upholstery?


hand chairs!!!!- $??



antique secretary- $3700-please! 

she's gorgeous though. 



2 solid brass chairs- $199

better hurry and snatch these up before pieces Lee does and resells them for 4,000 a piece.



antique german porcelain ashtray- $18



oak drawers- $100

for a bar set up.


what'cha want?