i'm decorating a mansion ya'll..ok just a room.

a big ass tara-esque mansion.


the entry.

that dining room be changing too.

the living room is just behind the stairs there..


my client is a very talented lady with plenty of designer skills.

and she is doing the rest of her house herself,

which is a MASSIVE undertaking.

she just asked me to help her with this room bc her designer eyeballs are going blind with all the other decorating she is doing.



bar area.


windows much?




a lot of wall space is scary.




this is the plan:


think english conservatory meets hollywood regency.

this mansion is on acres of southern soil and the surroundings are breathtaking.

so the outside must come in but it needs to be luxurious too.


we will bring in plenty of this:

big ass plants!!



the design:



i could have done 3 of these things with all the stuff i want to incorporate.

like art.

and fabrics.


but this gives the feel we are after.

my client suggested farrow and ball's brinjal

for the walls and i think it will be awesome!

but she is scared a little.

there are so many windows and architectural elements and light that the walls can handle such a dark color.

in fact i think it will seem less dark and make a room that could feel like a museum more cozy.

and don't even get me started on the pale mint green ceiling.

what about you?

do dark walls scare you in such a massive space?

or are you on my team? 




tomorrow i am going to show you my clean closet!

aren't you excited?




hey, aliens came down and ate my blackberry's and computer's email's brains and possibly mine sort of..

sometimes when i am out and about during the day i check all my emails on the blackberry and then delete them knowing that they are still in my mac's gmail account at home.

well the other day some nice woman emailed MFAMB through the "say it don't spray it" option on the blog asking me to help her out with some design questions...like a real actual paying job...awesome!

but when i got home the email was not in my gmail account. and i have searched everywhere. so i can only assume that aliens are responsible.

i do not remember the woman's name or her specific request, again probably aliens.

so i am hoping the aliens have been no where near her brain and she reads this and emails me back so that i can help her...

otherwise i am still open for business and if you all want me to get nice curtians and bigger artwork above my bed i need to get paid.

although the tiny mirrors above my bed are one of my favorite things about the room, but i am with you on the curtains...however i rent and curtains are dumb expensive and i have highfart ceilings so double expensive for me...