the fuck?



nevermind that it's like some strange beacon necktie arrow highlighting your cooter.

but it's a strange RED beacon necktie arrow highlighting your cooter.



perfect for those days where you just feel like a tampon is optional.


way to go anthropologie.


you better redeem yourself!!


oh wait...

you did.


period days bathing suit here.

cutest black ruffly swimmy suit here.


carry on saturday...carry on.


a whore called fame, consuming thoughts and asians..

according to you all i am a shoe in for design star. 

word to that.

( i hope you are still practicing spells and reading runes or...something)

some of you think i will get on tv and say fuck.

i might.

but not a lot.

i don't say fuck on here a lot.


in truth i watch a lot of reality tv (a lot a lot)

and everyone on reality tv cusses.

they just bleep it.

gordon ramsay has made a career out of it.



 i am not saying

i am going to be cussing a lot, maybe not ever.

who's to say?

i will probably be too busy making a mirror out of sticks

or contemplating candice's fascination with matrix style coats. 


and some of you think they will be hard on me bc i was/am so hard on them..

you're probably right.

they will either completely ignore it or make a spectacle out of me.

i mean if i suck then i deserve turd status for sure. 

all i can do is be myself and decorate the shit out of rooms and possibly an outhouse, or a box of raisins.



the audition is in 2 days.

i am nervous.

for sure.

what if vern's there?

what if he kicks me in the face?

(if he can reach my face)



not really a recap but def. an observation..

are we all in agreement that a. this thing couldn't have been more staged. and b. for this one we are team danielle?

look nobody wants caroline manzo as a surrogate mom more than me but she should have just either left well enough alone or gotten to the point a lot quicker...

in any case danielle made very strong points and caroline kinda made zero.


how awesome was it when danielle said in her interview,

"you're no carmellO soprano" ?






it feels good to release these thoughts.