more dining room fodder..

on sconces:

many of you suggested i have the wall hardwired so i can get some sconces sans cords.

my brother just so happens to do this sort of thing for a living so i am feeding him dinner and he is hardwiring my wall.

i like these simple little sconces too....


and this one...


also i found these cane back chairs on craigslist..

4 for 60 bucks!

bc of the smallest picture ever i can't get a good reading on the details.

i emailed the seller and she is out of town but will send me bigger pics this weekend...



but i also found these and am quite taken with them..

they are metal...

and interesting..

any thoughts?

girly chairs in my dining room

my chairs are back from the upholsterer and they did a beautiful job.

i don't intend on keeping them turquoise. i know many of you love this color, and i do too but i just don't want turquoise chairs.

they are on either side of the windows flanking my fig tree. smalls. mainly they are there for extra seating.



i still need a light fixture, better sconces and new dining chairs.

and curtains. oh curtains.

things are always in progress when your budget is fartknockingly small.