weekend delights

 woke up this morning to this:

most of the time it feels like you are trapped in a coffin inside a volcano here in atlanta.

highs in the mid 80's. which is actually a lot cooler than usual.

so that is delight number 1.



always wanted to try it.

first go around was interesting...

i poured a little of the chilled lillet into a glass and added a slice of orange as per a recipe.

too cloying...too sweet...too after dinner-ish.

so i added club soda...

delight number 2.



me and mollsballs took our girls to see the sound of music at the fox last weekend:

angles in yer face.



cheese quesadilla!




the finger.

delight #3.


haz good weekend.

drink. laugh. eat. hug. fart.