we can thank pinterest for many things...but yeast infection shouldn't be one of them..

well folks another weekend under our belts and thanks to pinterest and all the damn food pins which hilariously consist of equal parts "raw-kale-super-salad" and "eat-these-homemade-girl-scout-cookies-fatty" we are probably all feeling like monkey butt this morning.

because let's face it...no one made the raw kale smart salad recipe.

we all made the cookie dough shoved in a cake shoved in a bottle of cake flavored wine recipe.


fiona and i made this:

it's called "easter candy bark".

but really it's stupid.

stupid and delicious.

you take chocolate (and i used the best 5.99 for half a pound callebaut chocolate- look at me with my fancy yeast infection)

melt it and pour it on some parchment.

then chop up your favorite easter candy..

we used

reesey eggs (killmemyfavorite)

cadbury eggs

milk chocolate m&m's

WHITE CHOCOLATE m&m's (thank you easter jesus)

and peeps (gagmyfaceoff but fiona loves them)


here's ours..


it was fucking delicious.

something about the easter candy shoved into that callebaut (highly recommend) chocolate.

it elevated it to something that should be illegal.



fred gave it the finger..

me too fred.

in fact i am positive that i will throw it away after i finish typing this sentence.


bring on the apple cider vinegar shots.

because seriously, my face this morning is like a connect the dots page.



in other pinterest news..

this one is a game changer...


if buying expensive chocolate is your thing then this is surely going to even things out..right?

dr. oz says keep your magical and expensive movie star creams..

this one does all the same shit for 5.99.

and now your life is complete.



tomorrow we need to discuss the new lonny.

it needs some discussion.


happy monday fatties.