that sounds really futuristic.

doesn't it?

especially if you say it twenty-twelve.

in which case you should punch yourself in the boobs.


i am not a big resolution person,

mostly bc that's an awful lot of pressure to put on yourself.

sure, i can say that i want to watch less the bachelor and more the science channel...

and that is an admirable goal bc it means i will become smarter at science but-

it also means that you will not be laughing along with my bachelor tweets and that is not helping you meet your resolution of laughing more.



but seriously, i do have some personal resolutions this year though i prefer to call them goals.

they aren't totally hashed out yet however, i will probably get around to it mid-march-ish.


it's good to be back here with you.

i missed you.

it feels like diarrhea without you.



so someone had a birthday she will never forget....



the tent was a success even though we cheated and used my parents' pop up beach tent.

at the end of the day we had a ceiling fan to contend with and no other spot for it.

the tent ended up being H U G E but it was perfect.


this is how it started:

mike had to blow beach sand off the tent with his blow hole.

just kidding it was a leaf blower.



once it was cleaned off he popped it down and popped it back up inside...



i put down a bunch of throw rugs as the base and then just layered sheets, blankets, comforters, mattress pads etc..

anything soft and squishy was fair game.

(this step had to be taken apart and repeated bc i realized on thursday when i was laying all the rugs and blankets out that i would have to wait to do this step otherwise i would risk having to clean cat shit off of every single one, so i did this step last but if you don't have cats i recommend you do this step first.)


then it was time for lights and stars..

fiona and i made the stars and mike hung them.


then it was time for the top and sides of the tent.

my goal was to make it look less like a wedding tent and more like a bohemian tent..


i used clothespins to attach every last sheet, tablecloth, duvet cover and large piece of fabric i had.

i started with the sides..


i created a little opening on the side for escaping that they could close when they wanted to.


i layered all the sides first..


then the top..



i just worked my way around like i did with the sides.




as a last bit of decoration fiona and i hung some pictures from coloring books she had done.

sort of like a banner.




a tv and dvd player were installed..


once the girls arrived and jizzed all over the tent we got in the car..


(kate, fiona and esther)


went to fernbank..



a couple of playgrounds..



then home..

for nuggets, tater tots, kale salad (i try) and movies in the tent...




and pony painting..


and then finally, AT 11:15!!!  sleep.


the next morning there were dadcakes with nutella..


and then a run around the neighborhood..


around 10 am they turned into mobwives season 1 and season 2.

and i had to send esther and kate on their way.


just kidding.

truth be told it was mine who started to act like drita.

the other two were perfect.


all in all this party was a HUGE success.

the perfect number of humans.

no more than 3 i say.

including your own.


i would do this again a million times.

but next time i will for sure try to hide the white on the inside of the tent with more fabric or sheets or whatever..

it was the only part of the tent that bugged me.

i just didn't have anything left.



if you are considering a tent for whatever reason i highly recommend it.

since saturday we have had dinner every night as a family in the tent and fiona and i have watched 2 movies together.


not sure when we will take it down.

maybe never.

or until the first cat pees on it.




happy new year!


hey everyone!



i'm bout to do a dance..






cuz it's friday and i'm cute.


my mom wants me to tell you that she is dealing with some diarrhea at the moment and just can't be bothered to entertain you.


happy friday poopy heads!

have a nice weekend.