asheville and surrounding areas

those are boiled peanuts and they are very southern and very addicting. so is wine.

this is my mother in law on the left and my mom on the right. aka jane and nancy. they are probably drunk as piss by now.

this is my sister in law rachel. she is awesome and we slept in the same room. she is delightfully still when she sleeps. i am pretty sure she thinks i am weird.

this is me. i had to take a picture of myself with my own camera. i think my camera intimidated the others. either that or no one wanted me in the pictures. yes, i know my hair sucks right now.

here's mom again...clearly wasted.

this is a sunflower field at the biltmore estate winery. they flowers are all gone now but the field is huge and i can only imagine how awesome it would be when they are in bloom.

the wine tasting...look at nana! she's out of control!!!! not rachel though...veeeerrry sneaky drunk that one.
this is selena and she owned the B & B, tiffany hill where we stayed. she was the perfect innkeeper. kind, helpful and charming.
this is the inn at tiffany hill. it's only 3 months old and it is very clean and well appointed.
southern porch sitting.
adirondack chair sitting...
the view from the front of the house
the common room in the house...

the herb garden...

selena has these cute birdhouses set up in a walking garden down the hill from the house. this was a really lovely spot, my favorite.
it was such a magical little place. i highly recommend selena's place tiffany is the quintessential southern B & B. it wasn't stuffy or pretentious. just warm, friendly and quiet. country surroundings without being too far from stuff. we were only maybe 30 minutes from the biltmore and it was such a gorgeous drive it could have been an hour and i wouldn't have cared.

the biltmore house was riDICulous!! huge. seriously. although the tour is like 2 hours or something crazy like that and i got super dizzy in the basement portion of the tour so i had to excuse myself. and really this tour should be done over the course of 2 days not one. there is so much to see here in the house as well as the grounds surrounding. 1 day is a retarded amount of time for such a tour. but it IS beautiful. they won't let you take photos of the inside of the house which is lame but whatevs...i complied. which is kinda rare for me. i guess the dizziness got the better of me.

this was a mega-planter outside the house.
their 364293523058239acre view. these shots were taken from a back balcony. i can only imagine the view in fall. or winter in the snow!

the last day we stopped at the sky top apple orchard to get some apples. this was a great place for kids. lots to see and do. it was on top of a mountain.
the apples weren't that good due to some storms or something but they did have some cider donuts that were STOO-PID!

there were hayrides...

cute goats...

and apple picking...

other points of interest: a bamboo forest, playhouses shaped like apples and pumpkins, cider making and a pond with ducks.

not so good: port-a-potties
overall this was a fun time but 1 full day and 1 half day is not enough time to be considered a vacation. i was super tired and beat. next time it will have to be a week and that's that.