the day before the day i eat my face off

 thanksgiving has been at MFAMB estate for the last 3 years.

that means i am the main cook.

i do the turkey, gravy, mash potatoes and green beans.

mom and MIL bring stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce and pie..respectively. 


some lucky mother farter will get to sit in this gorgeous chair...

yes, that is shiny black. 

i know that i hemmed and hawed over what color to paint these but glossy black won in the end..

in person it is so so good.  the suzani pops hard and they look a lot more awesome in general.


settee got a shiny spotty pillow and another lucky m'fer will get to sit in it.. 


oly bench is creepin'...

sorry for the darks.  it's gloomy today. and this is with a light on...



happy thanksgiving turkey eaters...

and tofurkey eaters..

any turducken eaters out there?

happy thanksgiving to you over achievers too.


i love you.