sorry in advance for ruining your day...and life.

there is a space between when something really bad happens and when things are hopefully, somewhat normal again.

that space is raw like a burn.

heavy like a boulder.

empty like a crater.

quiet like a hall.

i am very much in that space.


this morning we had to put harry to sleep.

he was in pain from tumors as a result of feline leukemia.

i don't particularly want to discuss things.

but i thought you all should know.

things might be a little quiet around here for a few days.


i miss him real bad.


he was a funny little guy and i loved him very much.



the trouble with harry

 i promise we are not becoming a cat blog with pun-ny titles.

but i have to tell you just how hogwarts this cat really is.

without any prompting or teaching from me, harry potter went into nicolas' poop box and went number 1.  

then right before i went to bed he went number 2, in the box.

i am one of those people who gets a little unnerved when good things happen to me bc i am certain that something terrible is right around the corner.  like this is just god's way of saying, yeah enjoy this now bc your house is about to burn down.

do any of you suffer this way?

let's collectively say outloud..

"i/you deserve this awesome cat/gift without any conditions".

yay praying!!!




i'm done.



besides, there's this happening:

and clearly this shit will take all of my available abilities to recap.


RHOATL recap coming soon.



it's cold here.

what what?

yes, i see that 80 degree friday and it does not pump me up.